We see Ariel, mermaid daughter of Triton, king of the seas and her fascination with all things human (Human Stuff). Despite the efforts of her friend and guardian, Sebastian, to persuade her otherwise (under the sea), Ariel is so much in love with human stuff she wonders if, one day, she could be a part of it (part of your world). She sings passionately about her obsession but this attracts the evil attention of Ursula, the sea witch, (poor unfortunate souls). Who sees an opportunity to help Ariel achieve her dream in exchange for her sweet voice which will be used against Ursula's old enemy, Triton. Ursula casts her spell and we see Ariel emerge from the sea to become human and meet Prince Eric for whom she falls in love. Eric is attracted to her but cannot put aside his quest to discover who owns the beautiful, mystery voice he had heard whilst at sea. After a lucky escape from the chefs in the palace kitchen (les poissons), we see Sebastian try to bring Ariel back to her undersea world and her angered father. Meanwhile Ursula's evil power has been growing and in a deal with Triton, becomes ruler of the seas.


The Little Mermaid

Scuttle - Millie Steer

Gulls - Maddie Kent, Martha Elliott, Dean wallace

Pilot - Katy Beeton

Sailors - Ellen Betts, Horatio Exeter, Jacob Elliott, Jayden Simpson, Keane Simpson, Kate Ryan

Prince Eric - Lucy Beeton

Grimsby -  Dominic King

Seahorse - Calleigh Steeles

King Triton - Bertie Ellison

Sebastian - Ethan Robinson

Mersisters - Georgia Steer (Aquata), Sophie Sharp (Andrina), Abby Gosling (Arista), Becca Field (Atina), Georgia Smith (Adella), Lucy Bearpark (allana)

­Flounder - Abbey Harvey

Ariel - Kia Long

Jetsam - Cerys Brooks

Flotsam - Philly Macfarlane

Ursula - Anna Pearson

Tentacles - Hannah Webb, Rosie Futter, Hannah Fuller

Charlotta - Kate Ryan

Chef Louis - Katy Beeton

Chefs - Skye Ironsides, Lucy Armstrong, Jessie Harvey, Ellie Marshall, Maddie Kent, Olivia Merrit, Daisy Catton, Imogen Crown

Princesses - Katie Hickin, Calleigh Steeles, Ellie Cox, Alice Armstrong, Lucy White, Ella Webb

Sea Creatures - Dean Wallace, Maddie Kent, Martha Elliott, Ellen Betts, Horatio Exeter, Jacob Elliot, Jayden Simpson, Keane Simpson, Kate Ryan, Cerys Brooks, Philly Macfarlane, Katie Hickin, Ella Webb, Lucy White, Alice Armstrong, Imogen Crown, Jessie Harvey, Skye ironsides, Olivia Marritt, Lucy Armstrong, Ellie Marshall, Hannah Futter, Rosie Futter, Hannah Webb, Ellie Cox, Daisy Catton