The play revolves around the case of an anarchist railway worker who 'fell' to his death from a police headquarters window. This black comedy is a stinging attack on government cover-ups and manipulations. Join the 'Maniac' as he exposes police corruption through farce and a healthy dose of slap-stick comedy.

Maniac - Matthew Austin
Bertozzo - David Wagg
Inspector - Peter Fiddling
Superintendent - Steve Brooks
Constable - David Brammer
Journalist - Jenny Lewis























Director - Matthew Kerslake
Stage Crew and Set Builders - Richard Bennett and Chris Scott
Props and Adverts - Debbie Hiles
Lights and Sounds - Barry Ayres
Costumes - Judy Parsons
Photography - Ed Sinclair
Box Office - Kate and Chip Carpenter and Bekka Clarke
Explosives Expert - Terry Cooke
Front of House Manager - Cyril Pike
Front of House - Members and Friends of Watlington Players
Set Assistant - Georgia Smith